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Bathtub stopped up
Bathtub spout won't divert water to showerhead
Toilet is running
Toilet is overflowing
Sink leaking
Sink stopped up
Other - Please contact me

Garbage disposal repair or replacement
Ice maker line leaking
Sink is leaking
Sink drain is leaking
Sink drain stopped up
Other - Please contact me

Outside faucet leaking
Possible gas leak
Sewer & drain cleaning
Sewer video inspection
Slab leak detection & repair
Other - Please contact me

Washing machine hose leak
Water heater leak
Water heater warranty service
Water heater pilot light
Other - Please contact me

Bid on new home construction
Perform annual service agreement inspection
Not sure if it has electricity - Please contact me
Commercial services - Please contact me
Other - Please contact me

Dead outlets
GFIC outlets tripping reset
Light fixture not working
Ceiling fans not working or out of balance
Light switches sparking or not working
Breakers in panel tripping
Breakers with excessive heat
Motion flood lights staying on
Outside flood lights not coming on
Smoke detector test button not working or chirping
Kitchen appliances not working
Phone jacks (no dial tone)
Dimmer switches not dimming light
Recess can light going off and on
Pool & pump equipment not working
Home Inspection reports (corrected)
Service upgrades
Add outlets
Add light fixtures
Add ceiling fans

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